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Cairo Egypt
Al Qudes Company
For trade, export and import

The eighteenth century, the fifteenth century, the last century aspects of the printing industry such as printing, binding, publishing and distribution, which makes the company enjoy good relations with the printing houses and other companies and libraries affiliated with the press administration. Export and import of basic items for book supplies, such as paper of various kinds, proquine rolls, etc., from European countries. In terms of export, the company exports to the Gulf countries, North, East and West Africa, which cooperate with Egypt under a commercial umbrella. The distinguished location of Al-Qudes Company in Al-Azhar and Al-Hussein near the Al-Azhar Mosque and the libraries located in the Al-Azhar Mosque and the libraries in Kabira was to be a good joint association for the book and its importers, so it became always at home and the company. All its capabilities and harnesses all its energy to serve its agents